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We recently became a "Unity Hero" this mean we support the Special Needs Education School | Unity College.


“Thank you for the beautiful and very delicious birthday cake!


Wednesday is Pensioner’s Day

Pensioner's orders will be delivered free of charge in a 15km radius

Weekly Take-Out Menu

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All Multichoice employees remember that you get a 10% discount on any item purchased from us. Please pass this info on to your colleagues.

Buffet Menu

This is designed for companies needing to feed trainees, corporate lunches, guest houses, the busy housewife, dinner parties etc.

Corporate catering you can count on. 


If you are looking for delectable lunches and tasty treats with which to impress your clients and co-workers, then you have come to the right place.  We provide exceptional corporate buffets for businesses throughout Johannesburg, South Africa. Whether you require office catering for breakfast or lunch, you can find corporate buffets to suit your needs.

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Corporate Catering Service Tailored to You

With Cupcakes Catering, it really is easy to find suitable corporate buffets for your guests. Whether you have been asked to provide for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free or halal diets, we specialise in food to suit a variety of dietary requirements. You can rest assured our corporate buffet menus are carefully prepared, with the freshest ingredients to ensure you receive the best tasting buffet every time.

Corporate Buffets

You can trust our corporate catering service to deliver beautifully presented buffets every time. Whether you require food for a boardroom meeting or an office party, we offer a range of menus to cater to your needs. From healthy options to tea time treats, you can find everything you need.

Bank Details

FNB Randpark Ridge
FNB Code: 255955
Acc: 62555342890
Cheque Acc: Lynne’s Kitchen

Email proof of payment to orders@lynneskitchen.co.za